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HETL Association
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Membership Policy

Full membership shall be open to all qualifying institutions and individuals regardless of where they reside. Membership starts after the applicant:

  • Meets membership requirements
  • Applies for full membership,
  • Agrees to the membership agreement, and
  • Pays the required membership fee.

Membership cannot be transferred, inherited, or otherwise assigned to another individual or institution. Membership is solely the privilege of that member. Membership terminates:

  • By cancellation of the membership,
  • By failing to pay membership fees, or
  • By failing to adhere to the membership agreement.

Members agree to hold HETL harmless for any technical or system problems that may arise during the normal course of operations. If a member is not fully happy with their membership, the member shall be eligible for a refund of the current year’s membership fee.  HETL reserves the right to amend the membership agreement on an as-needed basis.

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